Iranian Relief from the Coronavirus

Iran is an epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. As of March 12, the number of coronavirus infections in Iran over 14,000. More than 700 people in the country have died, over 50% of them have been under the age of 40.

This crisis threatens everyone’s way of life, but it is especially difficult for people who are already vulnerable-including those with pre-existing medical conditions, no savings, or inflexible jobs.

Iran’s coronavirus crisis is due in part to the devastating impact that the US sanctions have had on Iran’s medical industry. Iran isn’t able to procure enough testing kits, respiratory machines, antiviral medicines and other supplies to slow the spread of the coronavirus and save lives. But this is not the only problem we have in Iran!

Iranian people cannot use quarantine strategies because our people need to work for daily income to buy food and etc. There is no governmental support for medical costs or even for daily quarantine expenses.

We have to “Break the chain” by staying home these days with no worries about money for our family food and medical costs and other necessities. When there is no governmental support program, the only way for us is to helping each other as much as possible.

Some private companies asked their employees to stay at home and do not be worry about money! But some other like banks and etc. do not support their employees and will cut their wages if they want to stay at home.

We have some good people who tried to solve these people’s problems but we need more money sources to donate our unsupported families affected in Iran.

Please help us provide relief to the people of Iran to combat the coronavirus with your Donations.





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